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About Us

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The Mindful Travel Fam

MindfulMom - Trish

The family travel agent and adventure seeker. Born with an insatiable wanderlust that has taken her to 46 of our great 50 states and dozens of countries on 3 continents. Loves yoga, adventure, food and her family.

MindfulDad - Chris

All time family driver, playlist creator and photographer. Chris is a mechanical engineer and requisite realist when it comes to timelines. Loves cooking and watching the family enjoy their adventures.

MindfulKids - Lincoln and Eleanor

Willing accomplices on the world adventures. 

Why Now

We love our city, our home and the network we have built. But we appreciate the gift of travel, adventure and sharing the world with our kids. It's time to share our family's vacation journeys with others that love traveling and want to explore with us! 

Top Destinations

Our top destination will always be Detroit and the Great State of Michigan. The MindfulFam's hometown is full of discoveries. It's a foodie fantasy land, a cultural collection of curiosities and full of friendly faces. 

We love National Parks, big cities, beaches, quaint towns - We do not discriminate when it comes to our favorite destinations!

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Open to collabs, tip swaps, and connecting with like-minded wanderers!

Mindful Travel Fam